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7 Simple Tips to Protect and Preserve Your Wooden Furniture

7 Simple Tips to Protect and Preserve Your Wooden Furniture

Do you own wooden furniture? Are you intending to keep it for a long period of time? If your answer is yes, then you should invest some time in finding more about the ins and outs of preserving your wooden items.

We are all well aware of the wooden furniture value and how dear your grandmother’s armoire can be to you. Also, it can be very difficult to buy vintage wooden items because they are more likely preserved and passed from generation to generation or sold expensively. So, it is a good idea to take care of your wooden furniture. In fact, with just a little bit of care and restoration from time to time, your wooden furniture can look as good as new.

But, before we share with you some preservation tips, let’s find out…

What is the Longest Lasting Wood for Furniture?

First of all, there are different types of wood and once you know more about each type, it will be easier for you to choose a preferred and longer lasting wood. In fact, if you choose a solid wood quality, it will be easier to preserve it. So, let’s check out the types of wood worth investing in.

  1. Oak – Oak pieces are extremely durable when it comes to scratches and stains. Skillfully made furniture with this dense hardwood can last over a century.
  2. Walnut – This resilient wood is usually used for ornate furniture and comes in various different colours, from light to dark brown.
  3. Cherry – Cherry is warp resistant and ideal to pass on from generation to generation because as the furniture ages, the cherry’s rosy-brown undertones grow richer.
  4. Maple – The toughness of maple wood is great for shock absorption and it is also very easy to clean. 

Now that you know which wood lasts longer and is more durable, follow our 7 quick tips to preserve it. 

How to Preserve Wood Furniture?

wooden table and chair

Once you choose one of the above-mentioned types of wood, it’s very likely that your furniture will be quite durable. However, by applying some simple care tips, the wood will retain its fresh look longer. Here’s what you should bear in mind:

Regular Dusting 

Avoid dust buildup since dust can abrasively affect your wooden furniture. Dusting once every other day with a feather duster or even a clean cloth will do the work. 


Dusting is great, but it isn’t enough, because your wooden furniture will need a more thorough cleaning once or twice a month. First, you need to dampen a cloth with warm and soapy water and gently clean the furniture. Then with another damp cloth without soap wipe the soapy residue. Make sure you don’t use much water, just enough for moisture only, because if you overdo it, you’ll harm the wood. Dry the furniture with a clean cloth afterwards. 

Control the Environment

Preserving wooden garden furniture can be the most difficult task. However, it is crucial to limit exposure to the following circumstances in order to avoid damage. 

  • Light: Use shades or curtains at home to avoid exposing your furniture to direct sunlight because it causes discoloration of the wood. If you have stored wooden furniture somewhere, make sure the room is dark and dry. For wooden furniture in your garden, you can use specially made coverings during sunny days. 
  • Humidity: Different levels of humidity can distort wood making it swell or shrink. To keep optimal humidity at home, use a dehumidifier in the summer and humidifier in the winter. The best way to preserve wooden garden furniture is to cover it during the rainy season.
  • Heat: Placing your wooden furniture next to heaters or a fireplace can cause wood discoloration and leave marks on it. 

Handle Gently 

Handling your wooden furniture with care includes moving around furniture while previously wrapping it with a cloth and avoiding bumping or dragging it. Always use tablecloths or placemats on wooden tables to avoid unnecessary stains such as watermarks from cups or grease from food. Within this section, comes using the items purposefully. For instance don’t use a coffee table as a chair or vice versa.

Make Repairs 

Making small repairs is essential in order for the wood damage not to grow bigger. You can contact a professional or use the right tools and materials, such as paste wax or sand down an area that has several scratches. This way the piece will look new and you’ll prevent further damage. 

Apply Wax 

Applying wax on your wooden furniture will give it an extra shine if cleaning doesn’t do its magic. It’s recommended to apply wax once or twice a year. Waxing creates a protective shell over the wood and it’s ideal to keep off dust, moisture and dirt.  

Stain and Refinish 

With use, your wooden furniture may start looking worn and old. Some of the signs that you need to refinish a piece of furniture are the following:

  • The surface of the furniture is sticky and cannot be cleaned properly 
  • The finish of the furniture is chipped or cracked
  • Water marks are evident under the finish

The process of refinishing a piece of furniture includes:

Step 1 – Cleaning is the first step that removes the dirt or dust buildup and it is essential for successfully applying the other processes. 

Step 2 – Removing old finish can be done by special stripping chemicals that we at Scotland Door Stripping use. We offer caustic and non-caustic solvents

Step 3 – Sanding includes applying a sealant and sanding it down to a smooth layer.

Step 4 – Applying oil or wax to the wood to achieve a natural shine.

Now that you know which wood is better and stays looking fresh and new longer, you can be wiser when buying. Also, if you apply the tips that we have mentioned, you’ll definitely prolong the lifespan of your wooden items. Moreover, if you need additional tips or a professional hand in any of the steps, we’d be more than happy to help you! 


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